Toyota Gazoo Racecar Identity

This self-initiated project was a collaboration between Toyota Motor GmbH and three students from Köln International School of Design. The topic was to evaluate the transfer of identity and technology from Toyota’s World Endurance Championship (WEC) race car TS050 to Toyota series production cars and vice versa.

Competitors in the WEC are using their brand identity to influence the design of their race cars. Porsche, Audi and Nissan for example shape their race cars’ headlights according to the appearance of their series production cars. This way brand identity is transferred. Within this project we developed an innovative headlight identity concept for Toyotas TS050 and realised a functional prototype with advanced technical solutions. A great part was the implementation of different light modes which are interacting with the audience and the racing team.
The project outcome was presented to the board of directors and a selected group of engineers at Toyota Motor GmbH. When and how parts of the concept will be realised is still being discussed.
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Renderings and Photos copyright: Moritz Wallasch, Anastasia Bondar, Paul Claussen