Volvo Mission D

Oktober 2015

Volvo China asked international students of Tongji University to design a head up display which is specifically tailored to Chinese lorry drivers. Chinas economy is growing rapidly, Chinas Infrastructure is one of the best worldwide but contracts and missions for transporting goods from A to B are traded analog on paper. A possible future head up display does not just show technical data of the vehicle but would be the perfect interface to connect driver an dispatch departments.

The VOLVO mission D Project was a very interesting insight in Chinas culture and economy. How does freight traffic works, who organizes the huge demands and who needs what in which moment of time? The project gave me a base to look in all of this. We spoke to truck drivers far away from the city. We saw their life and we were allowed to enter their privacy to evaluate their future. To understand their needs and wishes was very different to European truck drivers and the way to get to the final prototype of an head up display was a very interesting learning experience.

It was a great experience to work for a big global player like Volvo but also great to use a Chinese design approach to see how to solve problems and to develop a wider thinking.