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Frankfurter Küche

Design & Execution

In the 1920s, the Frankfurt kitchen was considered the epitome of modern interior design.

About the project

For the first time, well thought-out kitchen modules became affordable and the kitchen became a recognized work space. Today, the Frankfurt kitchen is predominantly known as a “women’s prison” – however, its heights and work steps were aimed exclusively at women – but on the other hand, it is a pioneer and role model in the formal and functional design of every modern kitchen. Known for its simplicity, diverse practical details and multifunctionality, it was reinterpreted over the course of the century by the Munich kitchen or Sell kitchen - but never made the leap into the 21st century.

With a clear focus on functionality and formal restraint, this kitchen is an attempt to bring Frankfurt cuisine into a conversation in the here and now. Unlike 100 years ago, a kitchen today has to accommodate various electrical appliances to ensure the comfort of the 21st century. All appliances were housed in such a way that they blend inconspicuously into the deliberately reduced kitchenette. Practical details such as the tray, the extendable table and the original aluminum containers were retained. Even the kitchen handles were recast from aluminum according to the original plans. Such delicate kitchen handles are no longer available these days.

Ash wood and stainless steel