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Luise das Rennboot

Design & Craftwork
Since summer 2020

Project Luise combines traditional boat building techniques with the latest development and manufacturing technologies 4.0. Project Luise is a development vehicle to show how sustainable electrification works on the water.

About the project

The basis Luise is a riveted steel boat from the 1920s. A modern electrical drive train and battery System is built into the restored hull. The drive train can also be used modularly in other boats.

The entire drive train was developed in-house. It was important to keep the design of the electrification as clean and simple as possible. The steering system and the rudder, which we also developed, were CNC-milled and 3D-printed using the latest methods. A throttle lever for example embedded in the steering wheel hub is a modern and simple interpretation of contemporary throttle levers.

in the next development step, the goal is to have the boat also drive autonomously. Currently all components are in testing and the deck is being completed.


Luise Data

Year: around 1920
Original shipyard: probably Engelbrecht shipyard near Berlin

Length: 5.5m

Width: 1.8m

Draft: 0.6m

Speed: 10 knots

Passengers: 4-5

Power: 11KW

Volts: 48V

Range: according to customer requirements.

Hull: Steel planking riveted to steel frames.

Deck: Mahogany and Oregon Pine

CAD Construction